The Project

“From Home to Home” is an innovative project that intertwines two of my passions: art installation and long-distance walking. This venture not only celebrates the journey from one geographical location to another but also explores the transformation of these experiences into expressive art forms. The project is divided into two principal stages: a three-month fieldwork of long-distance walking, followed by the creation of an art installation that encapsulates the essence of this journey.

Stage One: Peregrination The journey commences on 1 June 2021 in Lancing, West Sussex, England. Originally scheduled to start earlier, the date was moved to 7 June due to unforeseen circumstances. The walk spans approximately three months, concluding around 31 August 2021 in Stra, in the province of Venice, Italy. This trek across varied landscapes and cultures serves as a profound personal and artistic exploration, which I have termed “Peregrination.”

Peregrination goes beyond mere physical exertion; it is a deliberate process aimed at understanding and internalising the myriad experiences encountered along the way. The act of walking is chosen as a methodical approach to detach from the daily social obligations and immerse fully in the natural and social environments encountered. This detachment is not merely physical but also psychological, providing a space to engage deeply with the surroundings and oneself.

Stage Two: Data Ambulation and Art Installation Upon returning to England, the second stage of the project begins. This stage involves a reflective process I refer to as “Data Ambulation,” where the experiences collected during the walk are recollected and synthesised. This process is crucial as it translates the raw, often intangible experiences into a format that can be communicated through art.

The culmination of this stage is the creation of an art installation titled “From Home to Home.” This installation aims to transpose the ephemeral and personal experiences of the walk into a physical form within a gallery setting. The artwork is envisioned to be a direct response to the journey, crafted to not only represent the experiences but also to extend them to the audience. This extension is intended to allow the viewers to traverse their own path of interpretation and reflection, bridging their personal experiences with the themes explored through my walk.

Philosophical and Artistic Underpinnings At its core, “From Home to Home” is rooted in phenomenology—the philosophical study of the structures of experience and consciousness. As such, Peregrination serves as a phenomenological tool that propels the subsequent creation of art. The project is not only about the physical transition from one home to another but also about the transformation of experiences into artistic expressions that engage and provoke the audience.

The transition from the tangible act of walking to the intangible process of creating art encapsulates the essence of this project. It highlights the seamless integration of movement, memory, and manifestation, all of which are central to the artistic process. By bringing these experiences into a gallery environment, the project invites the audience to engage with the journey not just physically but also intellectually and emotionally.

In conclusion, “From Home to Home” is a reflective exploration of art, movement, and the human experience. It is a project that seeks to capture the fleeting moments of travel and transpose them into lasting artistic expressions, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own perceptions and experiences as they interact with the work.