26 July 21

For a few days after leaving Nancy and Jason, we kept walking under constant rain. Finally, we reached the town of Langres completely soaked. The following day we walked under similar conditions. Luckily for us, when we reached our destination in Unienville, another wonderful and restoring fire was waiting for us to dry our bones! 

Massimo and Alessio walking a flooded path

Luckily, after a few days, the summer kissed our heads. 

At the end of the day, just a few hundred meters from our accommodation, a lovely lady, Marie, with nonchalant, looked at us and said: ‘would you like a coffee?’ Marie made us very happy!

Marie offered us coffee

We spent some time chatting; Marie told us that she is also a pilgrim. She walked the Via Francigena a few years back, and that offering a coffee was her way to share our adventure.

A few days later, we hit our 1000 k milestone (kilometrestone in this case). It felt like a great achievement that boosted our spirit further!

A strange feeling started to pop into my mind… I started to feel like the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland…the clock was ticking and always felt late!

Late in the morning while packing, late while walking, and late in the evening for bed!! Luckily this feeling didn’t last for long and, finally, I went back to enjoy the time given for this adventure!

Photo by Alessio Tomasella

Nine days after leaving Nancy and Jason, we crossed the French/Swiss border, and we left behind the nearly 1000 k of the French length of this journey. 

Switzerland has some amazing scenery. The Jura mountains welcomed us with steep climbs and amazing woods. Unfortunately, the weather turned once again. Thunderstorms and heavy rain gave us the worst night of the whole journey. We couldn’t sleep, and we were terrified by the idea of getting flooded and struck by lightning.

In the morning, we got up with everything damp, with eyes black and without energy! We walked for 7 kilometres, but as soon as we reached a town with the train station, we took the hard decision of taking the first means of transportation since the ferry for the Dover/Calais crossing.

In the train direction Lausanne

The train took us to Lausanne, a beautiful city on the shores of  Lake Leman, which offers breathtaking views! 

This morning we left Lausanne in the direction of Montreaux, walking along the edge of the lake. Finally, we reached a cheap campsite which left us speechless!