Day 8

Me dancing Mamma Mia

Today we had a great beginning. As soon as we left the campsite, Mamma Mia popped to mind, and we started dancing in the middle of the road.

We reached the North Down Way milestone, and tomorrow we should be in Canterbury, completing the first 160 kilometres.

It was a proper summer day, 27 degrees and burning sunshine, although I wouldn’t have it any other way. We stopped in a cafe in Lenham, where we meet Mark and Ian, two cyclists. Two very nice chaps; we shared some of our adventures, and hopefully, we will meet them again in France.

While sitting, my eyes spotted the cafe sign, which said: “We wish you a safe onward journey”. Perhaps, just a coincidence, but both Carlos and I interpreted it as what we call, Cammino magic.

Cammino magic

After around thirty minutes from leaving the cafe, another very familiar sign caught our attention, the typical symbol encountered along the Way to Santiago’

Yellow arrow

The walk carried on as expected; the North Downs Way, so far, was a pleasing route, with nice sceneries, a good mixture of sunny and shady spots. After 18 kilometres, we reached our destination, a large camping with a friendly owner, Gordon. The camping is all for us 😍

Our tent in the distance