Day 12 update

What a day!!!! By 6 am we were up. We had 6 hours to ourselves before checking out; plenty of time for a shower, breakfast, Carlos hair cut and a little bit of shopping. The day felt perfect, relaxed, but this feeling wasn’t going to last long; a frenetic rush was waiting for us.

We arrived at the port where we met some very unfriendly people. As I already knew, no on-foot passenger were allowed. We didn’t get any sign of understanding, just a straightforward NO! After some unsuccessful negotiations, I decided to go and buy 2 bikes.

I rushed all the way to the town centre, asking people along the way if there was a second-hand bike shop. Without luck, I headed towards Halfords,4 k uphill. The only possible way to buy a bike was online due to the minimal in-store stock. I left Halfords in a desperate search for something else. I saw 2 bikes locked by the door of a house, and with all my desperation, I rang the bell. A lovely young lady, Tui, opened the door:

Tui: yes

Me: Hi sorry to bother you, but I am desperate, can I buy your 2 bikes?

Tui: Those bikes?

Me: Yes please.

Tui: Sure, how much are you willing to give me?

Me: Tell me the price.

Tui: 10£

Me: I give you 50

The conversation went on for a bit. I was happy to give Tui more; she probably didn’t realise how much she was helping me; without her bikes, our journey would have ended. She couldn’t find the keys for the padlocks, and as an alternative, Tui brought out a handsaw.

Sawing the padlocks

The hand saw was taking forever, so we switched to an angle grinder, et voila! few minutes later, the bikes were free.

Tui our angel

I explained to Tui my project, we chatted a bit longer, and with a sense of relief, I left. Thank you Tui!!!!!!

I headed back to the port where Carlos was waiting with our bags. A security guy knew our situation and started to be difficult and obnoxious. He started to show bully behaviour, going to the police first, then to both the French and the English customs officers, telling them that we shouldn’t have been let through. He was ridiculing us horribly. Ultimately, in front of the French custom block, I exploded, and I challenged him, saying firmly why he enjoyed making people life miserable and asking if he hadn’t anything better to do. He answered that he was chatting with his colleagues, and when I replied that I didn’t understand why he had to chat about us, he finally decided to leave.

Both the French and English custom allowed us through without problems; they were actually nice and curious about my project. Deep inside, they probably thought we were just 2 nutcases!

Riding the bike with the trolley wasn’t easy at all!! But we did it!!!! We got on board!

We crossed the channel, and finally, we reached France. We left the port without any other problem. We rode the bike to the hotel in Calais town centre. On the way, sadly, we left them, and within minutes they disappeared (I hope they will serve well someone else), but we kept the bike bell which is now mounted on the trolley.

Tui, thank you again!!!!!

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