Day One

What a day.

We set off at around 8 AM, with David and Kevin bidding us farewell. It was an emotional moment seeing them and the house getting further away. The sky was misty, and soon we started to be engulfed by the low cloud. A strange sense of freedom kicked in; not knowing where to stop was making the experience more enchanting.

Andrea, David, Kevin and Carlos

The day brightened up, and by Devilā€™s Dyke a beautiful sun started to accompany us. The big surprise came in the evening. After walking 26 Km, and even getting lost…we started to look for a place to pitch our tent. We asked a couple if they knew where the nearest campsite was, and to our great surprise, we realised that angels do exist. Sally and John offered us their front garden, the most delicious homegrown salad and a wonderful time chatting with us!!!

And, the cherry on the cake? In the morning they made us a perfect coffee. Thank you Sally and John you are our heroes!!!!

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