Day 2

Today, after a wonderful start with a delicious espresso, we left Ditchling. The hiking trolley seems to attract the attention of people. They constantly ask where we are going, and it would be nice to immortalise their expression when they hear our answer: Italy. From this point onwards, the conversation spikes.

Hiking trolley

Although the trolley became a burden, we walked around 10 kilometres of muddy paths followed by step-up gates. They are great and easy to cross in general, but not very friendly with a cumbersome 20 Kg trolley.

Crossing the gate

Therefore, today we walk only 17 out of the 25 Km anticipated.

We are experiencing a lot of excitement, but we haven’t yet reached the pure sense of freedom of being out in the world. Although we feel connected with the environment, we are still dragging with ourselves the everyday social obligations. Not enough time elapsed since our departure to forget the daily routines, worries and all those activities which fill our life. Based on my previous long-distance walks, this taste of freedom should come soon, and meanwhile, we are going to enjoy all our little but special encounters.

For example, while we were having lunch, a few inquisitive cows decided to surround us and gently push us away.

Curious cows

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